A 240-Mile Range MINI Cooper EV To Debuts in 2024

The Cooper 3-door hatchback, which will be entirely electric and arrive in 2024, was revealed by MINI. The EV and its ICE-powered counterpart will be on sale together. However, the platforms for the two vehicles will differ.

Spotlight Automotive, a joint venture between Great Wall Motors and the BMW Group, created an EV-specific architecture on which the next MINI will run. According to Autocar, a single electric motor will provide 181 horsepower (135 kW/184 PS) in ordinary form and 215 horsepower (160 kW/218 PS) in the SE model. A JWC hot hatch with even more horsepower will release.

MINI Will Have Two Distinct Battery Sizes: 40 kWh and 54 kWh

There will be two distinct battery sizes. Each has a capacity of 40 kWh and 54 kWh, giving an electric range of at least 386 km/240 miles. The stated specifications are an upgrade over the previous MINI Cooper SE’s 181 horsepower (135 kW/184 PS) and 235 km/144 miles of range from a 32.6 kWh battery.

The vehicle maintains its predecessors’ three-door body style and a small footprint while continuing the progressive stylistic approach. It gains wider tracks, a slightly longer wheelbase, reduced overhangs, and larger oval-shaped headlamps than the current model.

A bigger free-standing spherical OLED touchscreen situated in the middle of the dashboard will enhance the interior of the next MINI. While the majority of functions will be integrated into the infotainment system. There will also be physical controls on the center console and steering wheel. Additionally, conventional ignition keys will be available for both ICE and EV models.

The fancy head-up display of the new Cooper EV will replace the outdated traditional digital instrument cluster of the current generation, boosting the interior’s minimalist design. Sustainable and animal-free upholstery alternatives will eventually be available for the whole MINI series.

The New Cooper EV Will Cost Over $35,500

A recent report from Car Magazine says that manufacturing of the next MINI Cooper EV may go to Oxford, UK, alongside the ICE-powered models. Previously, there was speculation that production would take place in Jiangsu, China. Although it is not yet certain, the BMW Group will make a public statement.

MINI CEO Stefanie Wurst said the new Cooper EV will cost over £30,000 ($35,500). Ahead of its ICE-powered equivalent, which will follow in July 2024, the new model will make its premiere in May 2024. In addition to the compact hatchbacks, MINI is also working on the next-generation Countryman SUV. The model will go on sale in February 2024. And the Aceman, an all-electric vehicle will follow in 2025.

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